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                March 3rd.'58
Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
                Thanks yours of Feb.25th.
We too had quite a bit of rain in Malibu & chilly too, but think it will soon clear up.
    Note you need some activity for the club - why do'nt you try amateur theatricals, am sure there must be some talent among your members for acting, singing & dancing, you could put on little shows. You would have a lot of fun doing short plays & dressing up in costumes & putting on make-up - you could copy some of the TV shows & also do ideas of your own. That would give you all plenty to do. I used to do this when I was a kid & got a lot of enjoyment out of it, it was really interesting. In the summer time I put on shows in the back yard for friends & neighbours & had a wonderful time entertaining them. Maybe this will be of some interest to you.
    All for now Gary.
    My best wishes.
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

PS. Note your birthday was Feb.24th. wish you a belated Many happy Returns.


If you are using a silent projector, I would suggest you get only silent films as the ones made in sound are not too good run without the sound track. The action is very slow and disappointing.

Stan Laurel

                25406,Malibu Road,
                March 14th.'58.

Dear Phillip [Nesbit]:-
                Thanks yours 11th.inst.
Regarding the films you mention, The only one I would recommend out of this list is "Dirty Work", the rest are not among our best ones. Incidently, all these were originally two reelers, if now cut down to one, I doubt if they are worth renting for your purpose. The "Paperhanger's Helper" is not a L&H film, that was made by Hardy & some other comic, before Hardy & I ever met. I heard about it but never saw it, it may be OK. Perhaps the Photo shop could find some better ones for you.
    If you are using a silent projector, I would suggest you get only silent films as the ones made in sound are not too good run without the sound track - the action is very slow & disappointing. Sorry am unable to give you the dates etc. when they were made - so long ago I do'nt remember.
    All for now Philip. See you soon.
    Regards & best.
                As ever:-
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

The Paperhanger’s Helper (1915) is a standard bit of slapstick knockabout starring Bobby Ray and Oliver Hardy, with Bobby making a mess of a sanitarium wallpaper job while Oliver sits about ‘supervising’ and putting the crush on a pretty nurse.

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                March 19th.'58
Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
                Thanks yours (16th.inst.)
Note your Club Paper will soon be published. I shall be pleased to help you judge the answers to the "How High Is Up" question - what is the prize? 64 cents.?
    We have had quite a lot of rain down here too, but its clearing up now thank goodness.
    Enclosed is the permission you requested to operate a L&H Fan Club. This is'nt really necessary as I already gave you that during our early correspondence.
    The other paper regarding the winner of the contest, I will hold till you decide which answer is most worthy. All for now Gary. Take care of yourself.
    Regards & best,
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