NO LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                June 7th.'58.
Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
                Thanks your nice letter 3rd.inst.
Am moving to the above address on June 15th. so hope you will have a chance to visit me during your trip down here in July or August, will enjoy the pleasure of meeting you. As soon as I get the new [phone] connected I will send you the number, so you can call me & we can make a date.
    I imagine you are glad school is over & are looking forward to a nice vacation - note you will be in the 9th. grade next year, thats wonderful - congratulations.
    Thats funny they are not showing the L&H films in Fresno as in San Jose - I guess the only thing to do is to contact your local station to find out about it.
    I shall be pleased to send you a copy of TV guide with the Los Angeles stations information - do'nt worry about the cost Gary, its my pleasure. Will also send you the local newspaper guide for the week of June 8th.
    If you address a letter to Rick Nelson, C/O Screen Actors Guild, 7750, Sunset Blvd. Hollywood. 46. Calif. it will be forwarded to him, either to the studio or his home.
    Have a good time Gary & take care of yourself.
    Regards & best,
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Note from the Editor

Ricky Nelson was one of the first American teen idols. He was the younger son of Ozzie Nelson, the leader of a big band, and Harriet Nelson, the band's singer. Along with brother David Nelson, the family starred in the long-running radio and television series The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet from 1944 to 1954 on the radio, and 1952 to 1966 on television.

NO LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

I came to this country in 1910 in a Vaudeville show with Charlie Chaplin. It was a troupe called ‘Fred Karno’s London Comedians.’

Stan Laurel

                June 9th.'58.
Dear Glenn [Laxton]:-
                Thanks yours 4th.inst.
My start in Show Bus. was due to the fact, that I was born of a Theatrical Family,so I just grew up in the profession & followed my Father's footsteps. No, I never appeared in a Circus, altho my Father owned one at one time in England, and also operated 6 legitimate theatres, beside authoring & producing several Dramatic shows in which he appeared with my Mother - my Brothers & Sister too were in the business. I came to this Country in 1910 in a Vaudeville show with Charlie Chaplin, it was a troupe called Fred Karno's London Comedians, we had a repertoire of sketches, the most well known was titled "A Night In An English Music Hall".
    Yes, Babe had a nice Tenor voice, he used to be a Boy Tenor in Minstrel Shows - Quartettes Etc. that deep voice you mention in "Way Out West" was not mine, a colored fellow sang while I just 'mouthed' the lyrics for comedy effect. I do'nt think seperate recordings were ever recorded of that particular number.
    The TV reception is much better at the new place, we can get all 7 channels.
     Well, think this covers your questions, so bye for now.
    Regards & best wishes Glenn.
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NO LETTERHEAD - APT. 203, 849 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                June 19th.'58
My Dear Lita:
    Thank you dear for your lovely card & the sweet expressions, enjoyed so much hearing from you again.
We just moved in here yesterday - even tho' I liked the place in Malibu, it was a bit too far out & was a little lonesome at times, not seeing our friends too often & plus the bad TV reception made it kind of dull, especially through the Winter months.
    Anyway, this new apt. faces the Bay, so we have'nt lost view of the Ocean entirely & we can now get all 7 channels on TV instead of only 3 (at times) & too, the elevators run from the garage, so no steps to climb - wonderful for me.!
    Now that we are back in Town, hope you will have a chance to visit us soon, the Wilshire Bus runs to within three blocks from here - we would love to see you again, our new number is EXbrook 3-5656, easy to remember is'nt it?
    Am now taking a series of Xray treatments, so you had better call first to be sure I'm home, as I go two or three times a week.
    One of the L&H films was on TV last night ("Way Out West", I did'nt see it on account of the late hour (12 AM), so wondering if you saw it?
    All for now Lita. Eda joins in love & kind thoughts - trust alls well & happy.
    Bye & God Bless.
                As ever:-
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NO LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

Mr. Hardy was over 6 feet tall. I am 5 feet 9 inches.

Stan Laurel

                June 23rd.'58.
Dear Glenn [Laxton]:-
                Thanks yours 18th.inst.
Re the "Golden Age of Comedy" - any of the scenes of L&H were made in 1927 & '28-29. if any scenes were shown of me working single, they were made in 1923, before I teamed up with Mr Hardy.
    I did'nt say in my last letter that I started in Show Bus. with Charlie Chaplin, you are mistaken on that - I said I came over to this country in the same show in 1910, in which he was a member.
    No, Mr Hardy never got hurt taking falls, at least never seriously. Note you are having difficulty in locating derby hats - I imagine they are hard to find in Saylesville - maybe your local Hat store could get one from Chicago or New York.
    Mr Hardy was over 6ft. tall, I am 5ft.9in.
    All for now Glenn. Take care of yourself.
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