All here is usual—winding the clock and putting the cat out. So nothing exciting to tell you.

Stan Laurel

                Paris, France

Dear Booth [Colman],
    Delighted to hear you are all OK. again also re your TV activities coming along so well. Think your idea is great & should do you a lot of good - wish you lots of success with it - It sounds perfect for you - especially you being "Wizzie", that's not meant for a crack! Just the way I happened to write it.
    Keep on giving good performances Booth on TV. You will have Broadway coming to you - TV is the greatest medium for talent discovery - The producers don't have to listen to agents or travel all over town to find what they want. They go home & relax - turn on TV & find what they want in perfect comfort. So just keep plugging Booth - you have a swell opportunity.
    Had to take a rest for a week or so - worked too hard for a couple of weeks & overdid myself. Hope to start again Monday (12th.) unfortunately have a lot of Rough Stuff in the Picture - but hope we will get through without any more delays. About 5 or 6 more shooting weeks to go to finish - what a relief that will be for me.
    Weather here is miserable - cold - rain - wind etc - make you feel low. Not much to tell you Booth so will close.
    Eda joins in love & kind thoughts.
    Will keep you posted as to our future plans.
                As ever-
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P.S. Love to Jimmy Savo when you see him again.

Note from the Editor

Atoll K was filmed in France from August 1950-March 1951.

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