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                November 3rd.'51.
My Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    Many thanks for your letter with enclosed picture of yourself with the Horse. I think you look very well Betty & what a beautiful horse, the color certainly wonderful, it makes the photos so attractive alongside the black & white.
    So sorry to hear you could'nt get my phone number when you & Wayne were here, I wish you had sent me a telegram & I could have contacted you - would have loved to have seen you both.
    Thanks for the information re the TV. situation, We know of all these angles, but have been waiting to see the outcome of the Roy Rogers case before we started anything. Gene Autrey has now started suit against Republic Studio, which I am sure will help us a lot. If decisions are given in their favour, then it won't be necessary for us to go into Court over it & it won't be so costly.
    Glad to tell you I am feeling great again, now weigh 145 lbs. Have to have all my clothes let out - I'll soon have to start reducing.
    My phone number is Exbrook 4-1397, so when Wayne & you come into town again, you will he able to reach me.
    Bye now & God Bless.
    Will let you know if anything exciting happens. Trust alls well & Happy,
                As ever:-
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In Hollywood

Stan and Ollie

By Erskine Johnson

The MGM mail department included a letter addressed to John Barrymore in a stack of fan mail for Stan Laurel. Laurel returned the letter with a note reading: “I hope you didn’t send me this because you thought I’d be seeing John soon.”

—Portsmouth Herald
    (November 24, 1951)

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