Empire Theatre,
                Leeds Yorks. Eng.

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Thank yours March. 30th. with encl. Program of "ZENDA" which gave me a few laughs - Guess it was a lot of fun.
    Had a letter from Ben Shipman who was there, with more people who are trying to make a deal for us to make more TV & appearances in various Foreign Countries - Egypt - Turkey - Greece - Italy & Israel - which sounds bloody silly to me - there was also a guy named Pascal (I think Paramount) with them who has the idea for a series of MOLNAR Stories with us - am not familiar with those stories - so don't know if any good for us or not, of course if it was the "Life of Christ" I should be very interested - of course with the understanding - you played the Big Shot!
    Ben didn't mention the show - probably you were killed in the first scene, or otherwise he would undoubtedly have mentioned you or maybe he was up to his ass in Molnar! or worrying about our proposed trip to So. Africa.
    Bernard Delfont opens his new show with Norman Wisdom at the Price of Wales in London April 12th. "London To Paris." I am hoping success for Delfont's sake at least. He has invested heavy in it, & a big gamble. Still meeting a lot of the old "LADS" & distant relatives - They get a big kick out of it & enjoy it too. It's good to see them and get a little pleasure in the dull old World.
    Terrific Bus. in Hanley last week. Opening tonight here with big advance Booking so looking forward to another Bumper week. Am feeling fine - get a bit tired once in a while - but manage to keep going. All for now Booth. Will be writing soon again.
    Eda joins in lots of love & good luck & trust you have more real good news re work, very soon.
    God Bless-
                As ever-
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Note from the Editor

The Prisoner of Zenda is an adventure novel by Anthony Hope. The novel has been adapted many times, mainly for film but also stage.

Ferenc Molnár (1878-1952) was a Hungarian-born dramatist and novelist who is now best remembered for the play Liliom on which Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Carousel is based.

Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom (1915-2010) was an English actor, comedian, and singer-songwriter.


Dear Mr Douglas-
    Thank you for your interesting letter. Appreciate very much your kind invitation to visit your home, but am afraid it is not possible due to previous engts & business matters.
    However, I note you may be at the Empire on Thursday evening & shall be pleased to see you for a few minutes between shows & have a little chat re the Old Days.
    Regards & Best always,
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Dear Mrs [Nellie] Hinchcliffe-
    We are sorry to let you know, we didn't receive your letter till we arrived at the Theatre Wednesday Eve, so of course there was no way to contact your husband. Otherwise, we should have been very pleased to meet him.
    We regret to note your Kiddies are in Hospital - hope nothing too serious & we wish them speedy recovery & incidently, as Happy an Easter as possible.
    Again - sorry of your disappointment.
    Bye & God Bless.
Stan LaurelSignature                 Laurel & Hardy.


                Empire Theatre.
                April 14th.'52.

Mr & Mrs Short,
16. River View,

Dear Mr & Mrs Short:-
    Very many thanks for the lovely Carnations. Your sweet thought is deeply appreciated. It was certainly gracious of you & words cannot express the pleasure we got out of receiving them.
    We too, were delighted to note that you enjoyed our little show at the Empire Newcastle, & hope we shall have the opportunity to entertain such wonderful audiences again in the very near future.
    Again many thanks for your kind expressions.
    With regards & wishes for a very Happy Easter.
                Sincerely always:-
Stan Laurel Signature                 LAUREL & HARDY.


Someone robbed our room and took £50.00.

Stan Laurel

My Dear Booth [Colman]-
    Pleased as ever to hear from you (24th inst) but just can't get over the situation of your not working yet - it's terrible Booth - nothing since that last picture. Frankly, as I've told you before, don't hang around Booth. Go back East & get a Summer Show - or something - anything to get away from Hollywood for a while - you can always go back when the situation looks more promising, but to stick around under the present conditions is certainly not going to do you any good. Keeping up a front - doesn't mean a thing - to be working is the sensible attack - Don't let them have the idea - you can be gotten anytime they feel like picking up a Phone. I went through the same deal years ago. I would make a couple of Pictures & if nothing followed - but promises for a very short while - Back East I'd go into Vaude. & everytime I did that I'd always get another picture deal - in fact any deal I ever made - was when I was busy on something else, never when I was hanging around.
    How about that Summer show in Laguna? They produce some good shows during their Season & big casts!
    Note you haven't been going to the Club much of late. I don't know if it's a good idea or not to be around there too much. I feel, the only time there is anybody of real note there is when a dinner is being given to honor someone - outside of that, there doesn't seem to be anyone of great importance around. What I mean is, its not like the Lambs by any means! However - great thinking out loud!
    It was wise of you to mention Rand [Brooks] to [Freddie] Fralick. Had a letter from Lois, understand Rand is being considered to play Dagwood in a series (TV.) in New York. Don't know the outcome as yet.
    Had big excitement last Saturday night at the Hotel in Shrewsbury while we were at the Theatre - someone robbed our room (Hotel) & took £50.00 in notes - Eda had locked away in her make-up kit - They took it out of room & forced it open in a Public Toilet in the hallway. It was discovered by the management & when we got back a dozen detectives were investigating etc. I think an inside job. Of course we shall never see it again - so no use worrying about it - or writing about - could have been worse. Got a laugh re you sitting with [Howard] Hughes & [Ronald] Colman - Hope you got up for a bow when Colman was announced! & then gave him an argument about using your name to get into Pictures!
    Funny thing - to note [Ferenc] Molnar passed out last month - after I had written you about his works. Don't bother re sending some of his material - I can't read Hungarian!
    Just getting over a lousey cold otherwise am fine - opened Edinburgh here last night (28TH) show went well - Bus. swell - our Hotel room is facing Edinburgh Castle, a lovely sight but so bloody old fashioned - so far behind the times! Now in Hollywood, we —
    Well Booth - all here as usual - so now't much to tell thee Lad, Eda will add a few lines - maybe she can think of something.
    Do hope you will get started soon in or out of Hollywood.
    Bye & God Bless,
    Love & Best,
                As ever-
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Ida Laurel Added

My dear, dear Booth, so sorry to know you are still waiting for a job—it is terrible—this is Hollywood... I think Stan is right, that you better get something else outside—this long waiting will drive you nuts. Well, Stan told you about our excitements! I couldn’t sleep all night, was so nervous—have to forget about it. Weather is cold, I want little of Sun. With my best love to you Booth. Your Russian friend—Ida

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