Letter from Stan Laurel to Stan Anniston

Dear Stan [Anniston],
                Thanks yours 2nd.inst. Note re looking for a house business. Can imagine how difficult it is these days to find what you want at a reasonable price - however hope you come across one soon & get settled down again.
    Had three shows here (Monday 4th) Band call 10 am so in theatre all day & night - glad that's over. Pleased to note you are on day work - that night dept. is killing.
    Have sent photo to your friend's son Clive - should have it by now.
    Wheather here cold - wind & rain, so not too pleasant - but of course good for bus. (Big theatre here - seats 3,000.)
    All for now Stan - Eda joins in love & best to Evelyn & self.
                As Ever-
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                C/O Bernard Delfont Ltd.
                1-5, Jermyn St.Haymarket,
                LONDON. S.W.1.ENGLAND.
                August 7th.'52.

My Dear Betty [Healy]:-
    Just recd. your welcome letter of July 30th.
    Yes, I got your other one OK. but just did'nt get a chance to answer it, due to playing several Seaside towns - extra matinees etc. I was in hospital for a week in Belfast. Nothing serious, just went in for a check up & rest, was a bit run down after Five months straight work. It did me a lot of good & am feeling fine again. Was sorry to hear Wayne was feeling so bad, do'nt blame him for quitting the Construction Co, that cement dust would kill anybody, especially as he has had trouble with his lungs before that. Am sure he is very wise to get away from it & He will be much better off. You have certainly had a variety of jobs, but I think the Doll business will be very interesting to you & not too hard work. I got a big laugh re Tonnage arriving, but glad to know He pushed the boat out for a change. Am looking forward to hearing the record you made, am sure I will get a kick out of it. Ben Shipman was over, but it is not nossible fer us to stay here after October, due to the Tax situation - we can't pay tax in both Countries, so the Palladium Pantomime deal is off it as we can't return here for Six Months. I am very disappointed, but nothing can be done about it, so guess we shall leave for home sometime in Oct. 'We could go to Australia & South Africa, but can't take Dollars out, so that no use. Ben Shipman phoned me from Santiago Chile last week, they have offered us a lot of time in South America, but they are Big Night Clubs, we are not suitable for those places, so I guess a good rest back home won't do me any harm.
    All for now Betty, trust alls well & happy. Will write you again if anything happens, as in this Bus, you never know what next, do you.
    With all good wishes to Wayne & self in which Eda (Mrs L.) joins.
                Yours as ever:-
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Letter from Stan Laurel to Stan Anniston


Dear Stan [Anniston],
                Thanks yours 7th.inst.
Note your thoughts re script & trust your expectations will be fully realised. Glad you recd. pictures OK. Had a very nice letter from "Granny." Please convey my thanks to her. Am sending you Photo under seperate cover tomorrow.
    All for now & lots of luck & every good wish for Friday to Jack & self.
    Love & best to Evelyn from all.
                As ever-
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                Hippodrome - Coventry
                Aug. 14th. '52.
Dear Ed [Patterson],
                Just recd. yours of 8th. inst.
Forwarded on from Bradford. Encl. Picture card for your friend Bert Rougdon. He certainly has an interesting hobby. The pictures he mentions with Hardy - were made at Vitagraph Studios with Larry Semon ("BOOBS & BABES"). My film was made at Universal Studios - Produced by Joe Rock, about 1924 or 5. Semon died a few years ago. Rock is still around looking for suckers to promote. Yes, am doing a low comedy sketch - a la one of our old shorts. Saw Bert Farland last night (FARR & FARLAND) rmember them? He is 70 now & looks wonderful - acts like he's 50. Amazing. Just read re Chaplin coming over next month for opening of his new Picture - 20 years since he was here last. Hardy had some new shoes made at Mcafee's in London & has two or three pair he brought from the States which he doesn't want to take back. If they would fit you, he would like you to have them. I think they are size 12. Let me know. We are at the Garrick Theatre in Southport next week (Aug. 18th)
    All for now Ed.
    Every good wish always,
                As Ever.
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                August 16th.'52.
Dear Alan Evans,
    Sorry I didn't receive your letter of the 13th until the 15th, so was unable to let you know that we would have been pleased to have had you visit us back stage - However, we hope you enjoyed the show.
With regards & best wishes to yourself, Dad, Mother & Sister.
                Sincerely always,
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Dear Stan [Anniston]:-
    Sorry delay in sending this photo - Had busy week in Coventry & had forgotten about it. Think its a good picture of you. Opened here last night to Big Bus. looks like we shall have another good week. Had a letter from Jack - told me you were going to rehearse more gags etc. Hope you had success & enjoyed being back in Harness again. We sail back to the States again Oct 8th "Queen Elizabeth" so only have six more weeks to play. Really hate to leave, but have to on account of Tax situation - Understand if we don't return here till Oct 1953 - we can stay a whole year. So all being well, we intend to do that - except if we don't get tied up in TV. Anyway a good rest won't do me any harm & will give me plenty of time to prepare another act.
    All for now Stan - Love & best from us all to Evelyn & self-
                As ever:
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Dear Ed [Patterson]:-
    Thanks yours 20th.inst. yes, I recd. yours at Southfort - Have been very busy hence delay in reply. We are leaving Oct. 5th "Elizabeth" so plenty of work attached getting affairs straightened out - Plus our Shows to do. Will write you fully later.
    Mr Hardy has given me three pairs shoes to send you (size 12) which I will forward next week from Bristol.
    All for now Ed. Trust alls well.
    Much haste.
                As ever:
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                Aug. 30.’52.
Dear Mr. [H.K.] Cooper-
    It will be our pleasure to meet you both between shows on Saturday (30th.)
    Best wishes always,
                Sincerely -
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