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It looks like the end of Chaplin in this Country.

Stan Laurel

                February 4th.'53.
Dear Ed [Patterson]-
                Many thanks yours of the 30th.inst.
Have just been reading of the terrible storms, sincerely hope you were not affected in Brighton & vicinity. It's really tragic in Holland, have been seeing news reels of it on TV. What next, first floods then Fog & now this, it's certainly uncanny all this on top of the Worlds crucial conditions. Poor Old England seems to be ill fated.-
    Not surprised to note your request to Pathé being turned down, the Era of Kindness & Good Will has gone Ed, that's the trouble with the World to-day. No use being idealistic any more, times have changed, unfortunately for us all.-
    I too had a quiet Xmas, did'nt bother to hang up my stocking, (It]s full of holes.) I guess you read re Chaplin's picture being banned on the West Coast here & several groups- American Legion etc. are trying to stop it being run in the East. Quite a controversy is going on, so it looks like the end of Chaplin in this Country. However, I guess he's not worrying, he can afford to hang up his hat & live in luxury for the rest of his life.-
    Yes, I heard they were running some of our old pictures on TV. They use them here every week, have been for the last three years. The sad part is we don't get any revenue from them at all. Anyway, it keeps our name in front of the public which keeps us from dying out altogether. Note re "Crusoeland", surprised at the reports, as it is not a good picture by any means. As far as i am concerned - it stinks! All the studios here are starting to turn out 3rd.Dimension pictures, all experimental processes. No doubt they will make a lot of money for awhile till the novelty wears off, but am sure it won't affect TV in the least - that will live forever & if they get 3rd.Dimension on it, which if at all possible, will bee the last blow the Cinema ever suffered. Eventually, the Picture Theatres will have to sell their backlog of 35M film to TV or leave it on the shelf unreleased & all that money invested will be tossed. Of course they may figure, that the terrific profits they will make with 3rd.D. will more than cover the loss of the old film.-
    No, we are not making any film at present - just busy taking it easy. We have offers to play in Tokio for eight weeks also a tour of Australia & Panto at the Opera House in Belfast this next Xmas for a 10 week run "Babes In The Wood" & of course a tour in Variety to follow in England again, but nothing definite to date.-
    Well, all for now Ed, trust you are going along OK & taking good care of yourself.-
    Kind thoughts & every good wish always,
                As ever Sincerely:-
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Gave Oliver your message - sends his kindest regards.

Note from the Editor

In the 1940s and early 1950s, Charlie Chaplin was a center of controversy. Some people criticized his personal life as immoral and accused him of supporting Communism. In 1952, Chaplin traveled to Europe. The U.S. government announced that he could not reenter the United States unless hearings were held on his personal life and political views. Chaplin decided not to return, and he and his family settled in Switzerland.

It is also extremely interesting to note that the boys had an offer to perform their stage show in Japan.

Letter from Stan Laurel to Bill Smith - February 26, 1953

                February 26th.'53.

WM. A. Smith Esq.,

My Dear Bill:-
                Greetings from U.S.A.
Just recd. a nice letter from your Dad, in which, he requested me to drop you a line & send you a photo, so here t'is. I never had the pleasure of meeting your Dad, but remember him a few years ago as "Len Long" when I was a kid in North Shields during the time my Dad had the old Theatre Royal there, I think it was around 1906. Yes, I'm that old. I got quite a kick out of your Dad's letter, mentioning names of the old timers I used to remember seeing. I was playing in Newcastle & Sunderland last march, Hardy & me stayed at the old Grand Hotel in Tynemouth for the two weeks. Am sorry your Dad did'nt contact me, as I met quite a few of the Sons & Daughters of the old gang & thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of memoirs, but felt a bit sad to see the unhappy appearance of Canny aud Shields. I visited Dockwray Square where I used to live, it certainly was a sad sight.
    I understand you have been in the Service two years now, I imagine you are quite a veteran by this time. I trust alls well with you & sincerely hope that you &ALL will soon return home safely, none the worse from your grim experience. All for now Bill, drop me a line if you feel like it, I shall be delighted to hear from you & if anything I can send you, let me know. Please give my Hello & best to all your mates. Bye for now, Good Luck & God Bless.
                Sincerely always:-
Stan Laurel Signature P.S. I heard once, during the 1st.War, there were a couple of ships in some division of the Royal Navy, named H.M.S. "LAUREL" & H.M.S. "HARDY". I think they were Sub Chasers. Check on it for fun.

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