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Dear Gary [Arnold]:-
    Thanks your nice letter of April 24th.
It was indeed nice to hear from you & to know all is well with you - you sure must be busy with all that homework, covering so many courses, I guess you have little time now to devote to your small club activities & I imagine your newspaper is now defunct.
    Note you will soon be taking your vacation - if you should happen to be around this area, do'nt forget to give me a call. I guess you have grown quite a bit since I saw you last.
    Yes, I intend to continue to stay here at this Hotel, I like the location very much, its bright & pleasant facing the Ocean, & very convenient for me having an elevator right to the garage as its difficult for me to climb any stairs in my condition.
    Everything with me is just as usual, so not much to tell you.
    Mrs Laurel joins in regards & best to your Mother & Dad & of course your good self.
    Take care of yourself.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As Sincerely always:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

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                May 11th.'59.
Dear Walter [Shaw]:
    Thanks your interesting letter of April 30th.
    Sorry to note you were unable to get a print of "Berth Marks" film from the Blackhawk Co. in Davenport, Iowa. I'll check around here & see if I can't locate one for you. There's another outfit you could try. The National Film Service,71,Dey Street, New York,N.Y. Its possible they may have one or be able to give you a lead.
    Note re their not being allowed to ship films into Canada - I frankly do'nt think this applies to home movies, only those that might be used for commercial purposes, which is understandable. Could'nt you have them sent to your closest Border town to someones address on the American side, so you could cross over & pick them up. I do'nt feeel it would be any great criminal offence to do that. I do'nt think you encounter any Customs situation in crossing without baggage - I guess you are more familiar with that situation than I am.
    It is most interesting to read your description of the growth & advancement of Toronto, its sounds fantastic the development that has taken place since I was there last, but I realise of course that was 42 or 43 years ago. I visited Toronto several times in my early vaudeville days when I played Shea's Theatre & Loews Theatre, I think the latter is known as the Hippodrome which had another theatre on the roof at which we had to do a show too - maybe you recall it.
    Note you are a Hockey enthusiast. I generally watch the games here on TV every Saturday afternoon, so am quite familiar with the Montreal Boys & the Detroit 'Red Wings.' My big sport interest is boxing, never miss them, am looking for to the Archie Moore - Durelle fight, its a return bout with Durelle in Montreal, should be an exciting affair, they are both excellent fighters.
    I deeply appreciate your kind invitation to visit your home sometime Walter, certainly gracious of you, it would indeed give me great pleasure, but am afraid my traveling days are over now.
    Enjoyed so much reading your long newsy letter, it was quite refreshing.
    Thanks again for your kindly interest. If I can track down that film will let you know. My kindest regards & every good wish.
                Sincerely always:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

On December 10, 1958, Yvon Durelle (1929-2007) fought Archie Moore (1916-1998) at the Forum in Montreal, Quebec for the light-heavyweight championship. Durelle stunned the boxing world by knocking the champion down 3 times in the first round. Moore held on and retained his world championship with an eleventh-round knockout. In August, 1959, Durelle fought a rematch with Archie Moore, who was once again was victorious with a third-round knockout.

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                May 15th.'59.
Dear Elmer [Westover]:
                Thanks yours,13th.inst.
Nice to hear from you again, but sorry to note the employment situation is'nt too good. Anyway am pleased you are able to fill in some time at the Airport, doing odd jobs, it will at least keep you busy till conditions are better again, otherwise it would be very discouraging to lay around idle.
    Was quite surprised to know you were subjected to Brush Fires back there, especially after having had such a bad Winter, it does'nt seem possible that it should become so dry in such a short time.
    Note you have'nt seen any L&H films recently, its the same here too, I guess they are about to quit showing them. I imagine there's not much demand for than now & the public are tiring of seeing the same films over & over again.
    Have seen several of the Buster Keaton's commercials 'Alka-seltzer', but none of Bert Wheeler's - who is he making them for?.
    I doubt if I shall ever appear on 'Linkletter's House Party' program Elmer, as you know, its difficult for me to get around much anymore - am not too interested anyway, & have no desire to face the camera again.
    All for now Elmer - enjoyed hearing from you.
    Take care of yourself.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

Buster Keaton (1895-1966) was one of the best known and most respected of the silent film comedians. Dubbed “The Great Stone Face” for his stoic demeanor, he wrote, directed and produced many of his films in the 1920s and 1930s. An innovator behind the camera as well as in front of it, Keaton was lauded for his sometimes dangerous brand of physical comedy and impeccable comic timing. Starting in 1958, he began appearing in television commercials for a host of advertisers including Alka-Seltzer.

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                May 16th.'59.
Dear Trixie [Wyatt]:-
    Thanks for your welcome letter,5th.inst. Glad to know you alls well with you.
    Interesting to hear that the Empire is now up for sale - am surprised this didn't happen long before now. Yes, I'm afraid Variety is a thing of the past now. The TV medium of entertainment has taken its place, it costs less than going to the theatre & you avoid bad weather conditions & having to queue up & possibly to see a poor show, which was basically the cause of Variety theatre attendance being so bad - they would have a name headline act with the cheapest supporting turns & many times the headline act was a weak affair - some "Record" artiste or something.
    I guess you are going to miss your "Night Out" now - you'll have to get a TV set instead, am sure you would get much more pleasure out of it than your weekly visit to the Empire - you could lay comfortably in bed & watch a show every night.!!
    I haven't heard from Jackie Harrison for a long time either - I guess he has little to say, so doesn't bother with correspondence anymore.
    I remember the days too when Dolly used to make Tea on the train journeys, Lizzy Levy keeping her eye on us - what an old 'bitch' she was - I often wonder what became of her, I understand her son is now a well known Dr. Please thank Dolly for her sweet message & also convey my love & kind thoughts - too bad I didn't have the chance to see her again when we played the Empire, I would sure have enjoyed that pleasure.
    Well dear think thats about all for now, so Eda joins In love & every good wish.
    Take care of yourself Trixie.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:-
Stan Signature                 xxxxxx

Letter from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield
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Glad you enjoyed ‘Tit for Tat.’ We had a lot of fun on that film. We were behind on our schedule, so had to start shooting without a script and had to figure out the gags and routines as we want along. It was lucky it turned out as well as it did.

Stan Laurel

                May 18th.'59.
Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:
    Thanks your nice letter,12th.inst. with enclosure of news clipping of the review covering the film Miss Heather Sears appeared in - she's evidently a very good little actress.
    Yes, we finally recovered ourselves after our friends visit, it was quite strenuous for me under my circumstances. Anyway we have no regrets.
    The coloring scheme on your house sounds very attractive, coral, grey & white trim - note you are familiar with the plastic awnings, they are so much better than canvass type.
    "Fra Diavalo" was run here too recently, I was very disappointed to see it so badly edited, the first [two] reels were cut out entirely, so the story was anybody's guess, the rest was a lot of gags & routines without motivation. I understand back East they do'nt cut our features up like this, they run half of it one day & the balance the next, which I think is a good idea & makes sense.
    Glad you enjoyed "Tit for Tat", we had a lot of fun on that film, we were behind on our schedule, so had to start shooting without a script & had to figure out the gags & routines as we want along. It was lucky it turned out as well as it did.
    You probably heard that the Hal Roach Studio had gone out of business due to financial difficulties - I felt pretty bad about it, having spent so many happy years on that Lot, I have many fond memories of it - am indeed sorry that this had to happen to Hal Roach Sr. he's getting on in years & has little chance of making a 'come back', he lost everything, including the Studio. Sad is'nt it.?
    Enclosed are some more stamps for Bob - he'll soon have to get a pair of those glasses you told me about when you visited the Stamp Collectors affair.!!
    Mrs L. joins in regards & best to you all.
                As Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

OCEANA LETTERHEAD - 849 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

I’ll soon have to be getting a new typewriter, have had this one over 27 years, so its beginning to fall apart.

Stan Laurel

                May 20th.'59.
Dear Earl [Shank, Jr.]:
                Thanks yours,15th.inst.
The news article regarding Chaplin was very interesting. I too agree with the writer that it's too late for Chaplin to revive the 'Little Character' that made him famous, but I certainly don't think the reference to his being a communist was necessary at all, he has no definite knowledge that this statement is true, & I think it's pretty uncalled for, to brand him in this manner, on 'hearsay' & circumstancial evidence - this has never been proven, even by the F.B.I.     If such had been the case he would certainly have been called by the un-American activities committee for full investigation before he left the Country, these hearings were being held in Hollywood at that time - had there been any suspicion, why did they grant him a re-entry permit & allow him to leave for England - it doesn't make sense.
    I understand Bud Abbott has retired, but do'nt know how well he is fixed financially - I imagine he's O.K.
    I'll soon have to be getting a new typewriter, have had this one 27 years, so it's beginning to fall apart. I kind of hate to part with it, I gotten used to it after all these years. The new ones don't compare with the old machines - have tried one or two & am not happy with them for some reason.
    Sorry to hear you are still having difficulty in getting a 'lease', must be very aggravating indeed to be tied up like that, especially when you have such wonderful prospects to come to in Arizona. Incidently, am enclosing a couple of news articles Walter Eccles sent me, thought they would be of interest to you. Yes, the growth of California is fantastic & the same applies to Arizona - I sure wish you were able to get out here & get in on these fabulous opportunities before the prices get out of line.
    I got a big kick, re 'Cindy' calling me 'Stannie', she must be getting very cute. How's the new arrival coming along?
    Re the films you mention, I would suggest "Busy Bodies" "Any Old Port" & "Dirty Work" & perhaps too "Perfect Day" - that would be my choice Earl.
    Note you saw "Pardon Us" film, that was made about the time that M.G.M's "The Big House" was released - it was intended for a two reel subject but ended up in four reel length, it went so well at the preview, Hal Roach decided he wouldn't spoil it by cutting it down to two reels, & instead, added three more to it & made it a feature - which was our first full length film - I frankly didn't care for it, it was too long drawn out & had no interesting plot, it was much better as a short subject.
    The film was made right in the studio, the jail sets were built in there specially for us - these Major studios won't rent their sets until the picture has had over a years run, otherwise we wouldn't have gone to the expense.
    Steve Allen wrote me recently, he is coming out here to broadcast his shows this summer & will discuss a deal with me in regard to the L&H situation, so am keeping my fingers crossed that something will materialize.
    I too think Walter Eccles is a very nice person and is a wonderful friend, he's kind & thoughtful & has great understanding & would go out of his way to do anything for you, which is very rare these days - very few sincere people you meet nowadays, but he's sure one in my book.
    Mrs. L & I are feeling pretty good. She has just left to go & see the Balshoi Russian Ballet at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, it's the opening night, the place is sold out for the run of the show, but she was lucky to get a $10.00 seat from a friend of ours who is in the publicity business & has some influence. The prices are very high, run up to $50.00. It's a lot of money for a show, but I guess they have a big overhead in traveling these shows by air. The reason they don't travel by train, they can play more Towns by saving travel time - it sounds logical.
    All for now Earl - enjoyed hearing from you. Hope it won't be long before you are able to get away from there & the possible chance of meeting you personally.
    Mrs. L joins in regards & best to you all.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature

Letter from Stan Laurel to Marie Hatfield

Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:
    Enclosed is the letter I mailed you last Monday - do'nt know [how] I managed to get the wrong number as I should know yours by heart after corresponding for so long. I must be getting NUTS.
    Anyway better late etc.
    Best to you all.
                As Sincerely:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.


                May 22nd.'59.

Miss Joan Crawford,
20th Century-Fox Studio,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Joan Crawford:
    I am trying to locate my friend Jimmy Murphy & would appreciate very much if you would kindly advise me of his whereabouts - I understand he was employed by you for some time. I realise you are very busy, so am enclosing you a card for your convenience.
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my belated deepest sympathy in your recent sad experience, I was sincerely sorry to hear of your misfortune, but trust by now you have become resigned & will adjust yourself again to a new successful career.
    Good luck & God Bless you.
    My admiration always.
                As Very sincerely:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

Lois Laurel Adds

Jimmy Murphy (no relation to Ernie Murphy) was my Dad’s valet. He came to work for us after the “Treasure Island” San Francisco appearance. Jimmy had worked for Morton Downey. Morton didn’t need him anymore, so he asked my Dad if he needed a valet. My father was living at Fort Laurel then. Jimmy came to America with Wheeler and Woolsey and then somehow he ended up working for Morton Downey. He did the work of a valet—making sure my father’s clothes went to the cleaners and laid out his clothes for him. He’d also go to the studio with him where he was more or less a “go fer.” He stopped working for my Dad when he joined the service.

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                May 25th.'59.
Dear Booth [Colman]:
    a columnist friend of mine, Pat Ferro in Hawthorne,N.J. sent me a couple of the enclosed courtesey cards. Thought you'd like to have one in your pocket book in case you are charged with a rape attempt sometime.! This might carry some weight.
    How's things going Booth? trust alls well & happy. Everything here as usual, so not much to tell you,
    Eda joins in love & best.
    Take care of yourself.
                As ever:-
Stan Signature

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