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                June 2nd.'59.
Dear Rita [Harrison]:
    Thanks your nice letter just recd.
The reason I have'nt written you for so long - was waiting to hear from you in reply to my last - remember, you asked my advice regarding your making Show Bus. a career, & I suggested you should discuss it with your Grandad? maybe you forgot about it.
    Note your Birthday was April 4th. Wish you a belated Happy Birthday & Many Happy Returns - was surprised to know you left school two years ago - have you decided yet what you are going to do or follow as a career, you'll have to give it serious thought now Rita & make up your mind - if its still Show Bus. you'll have to hurry & get started before its too late, the earlier the better.
    Glad to know you enjoyed the 'Empire' show - David Whitfield's a singer is'nt he? I've heard of him but never saw him.
    There are only a couple of post card pictures of Malibu & are not too interesting, its not a Town & the cards show only sections of the Beach & Ocean which could be anywhere, thats the reason I did'nt send you any.
    Mrs laurel & I are feeling pretty good & join in wishing you & your family all the best & trust alls well & happy.
    Our love to your Grandad when you see him again & tell him to drop me a line - he owes me one too.!
    Bye dear, good luck & God Bless.
                Sincerely always:
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                Stan Laurel.

Note from the Editor

David Whitfield (1925-1980) was a a popular British male vocalist. This operatic-style tenor had a predominately female fan base and racked up a string of hits in the 1950s. He was arguably the most successful UK male singer in the U.S. during the pre-rock years. He was the first British vocalist to earn a Gold Record; the first to have a hit in the Top Ten on the Billboard Hot 100 list; and the first British artist to have a million-seller in America.


                June 6th.'59.
Dear Jimmy [Wiseman]:
    I get a bit tired of 'Charlie' Weaver's character, he gets very tiresome after a while & becoming boring to me, in fact. There are too many repeat performances on that show, it looks like a stock Co.
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Note from the Editor

Clifford Arquette (1905–1974) was an actor and comedian, famous for his role as “Charley Weaver.” In 1959, Arquette accepted Jack Paar’s invitation to perform on Paar’s Tonight Show on NBC. Arquette depicted the character of “Charley Weaver, the wild old man from Mount Idy.” He would bring along, and read, a letter from his “Mamma” back home. This characterization proved so popular that Arquette almost never again appeared in public as himself, but nearly always as “Charley Weaver,” complete with his squashed hat, little round glasses, rumpled shirt, broad tie, baggy pants and suspenders.

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                June 8th.'59.
Dear Mrs [Marie] Hatfield:
    Thanks yours,May 30th.
Glad to know you finally recd. my last letter - still can't figure how I came to get the wrong number, I have no record of such a number in my book or my regular correspondents.
    Thanks for the news photo of Heather Sears - hope sometime I shall have the opportunity to see that film - my attorney saw it at a preview here & liked it very much.
    Note you saw "Oliver the 8th." film, it was run here recently on Tv, it was pretty badly cut, a great deal or it was missing, the whole first sequence in the barber shop was cut out, which explained the reason for the story, so it had no sense.
    Yes, that building project at 20th. Century is fantastic, its a small city in itself & is costing Millions, you can Imagine the huge size of that original lot, they still have room for the big studio to operate. They also have several oil wells on the property which all the Studio stock holders get the benefit of, so they get revenue from Films, Oil & the new Township. Amazing is'nt it.?
    Enclosed a few stamps for Bob - interesting to know he has such a large collection, maybe he'll need two pair of those glasses.!!
    Mrs L. joins in regards & best.
                As Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.


                June 20th.'59.
Many thanks for copies of newspapers Walter [Shaw]. Enjoyed very much looking through them - out of Town papers are always interesting. Guess you are all excited over the Royal Family visit - I saw the first TV cable film, relayed from London Eng. Its fantastic.! Thanks again for the kind thought.
    My kindest & best always,
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