Dear Walter [Shaw]:
    Enjoyed talking with you on the phone the other evening & to know all was well with you.
    We appreciate your kind thought in wanting to send us some fish Walter, but as I told you, we would'nt be able to use it, & they would be no sense in your going to all that trouble & shipping expense just for us to give away to somebody else. To tell you the truth, Eda does'nt do much cooking, most of our meals she buys are already fixed - barbequed chicken - Roast meats etc. so please do'nt bother with it - we get our fish dinner already cooked too.
    We were happy to know that Mark was coming along so well & is able to talk a little. I had a letter from Harry Tozer this AM from Alaska, he told me that 'Shots' O'Brien was living with Mark & Beulah now - you probably knew this I guess. Not much to tell you, so all for now.
    Eda joins in all the best & thanks again for your kind thought.
    Take care of yourself.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

POSTCARD - 25406 Malibu Rd., Malibu, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

                Sept. 4th.'59.
Dear Rick & Marie [Capra]:
    Did you receive the tape recording I sent you on August 11.? If not please drop me a card (Know you're busy) I have the insurance slip on it so can trace it if lost.
    Trust alls well and happy Regards & best as ever:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.


Rock and Roll is a form of cannibalism.

Stan Laurel

Dear Rick & Marie [Capra]:
    Many thanks for your nice letter,9th.inst. also the Tape - when I sent you the card, it was'nt intended to hurry you to write, as I fully understand how very busy you are, I was only concerned that the tape might have possibly gone astray, & in case you had'nt recd. it, I could have started an enquiry right away - a card from you would have been all that was necessary one way or the other - sorry this caused you to make this recording for Eda & I during your more important activities, am sure it was very inconvenient for you, especially the weather being so terribly hot too. We are also having a heat wave, its been between 90 & a 100 & over for several days now, even being near the Ocean does'nt give much relief.
    Eda was very delighted with the numbers you played for her, they reminded her of her Late husband who was a very well known concertina player, his name was 'RAPHAEL', maybe you've heard of him, he was a very fine artiste & made many records for the 'Decca' Co. his original concertina is on display at the Moscow Museum in Russia, but Eda still has the one he specially designed for himself, its a beautiful instrument, hope someday we shall have the opportunity to show it to you & have you play it. We also have some of his records which I shall have taped for you - know you will enjoy hearing them, his own arrangements of classical numbers. Before he died, he appeared at the Worldorf Astoria in N.Y. for several months.
    I got a big kick out of 'Blue Ridge Mountains' & 'Some of these days' - brought back many happy memories. I like 'My Marie' & your 'Tahiti' number, they have warmth & charm, but unfortunately they are not acceptable to the present generation, they prefer a lot of noise as you term it, with constant repition or sadistic lyrics that have no rhyme or reason - known as 'Rock & Roll', its a form of cannibalism.
    I'm like you Rick, I have great affection for the songs of the 20's & 30's & the great personalities connected with them.
    Am happy to know you enjoyed the L&H tape & has afforded you all so much pleasure - note you made a copy of it - I would suggest it would be best to keep the new one & use the one I sent you for further use, this is not the original copy & has been taped many times & may have a few flaws in it, due to being handled so much its bound to deteriorate. You are right Rick, the basic idea of this act was taken from 'Night Owls' (breaking into the Chiefs house) but of course was'nt treated in the same manner as the film was, being a stage version we were very limited. I have another act which was recorded on 'Disc Record', it was made during our first performance in Copenhagen, Denmark. I'll have a copy made of that for you, its very interesting as we knew nothing about this at the time - did'nt know the show was being recorded - we played in a big stadium, over 7,000 people were present, including members of the Royal Family who entertained us at their home during our visit a couple of times Prince & Princess Harold of Denmark & their Son Prince Olof, he came to the show several times & we became very good friends, it was a wonderful experience meeting all the dignataries of the Country, the party's lasted till the early hours of the AM, we were royally entertained. Before we went to Denmark, we feared the language barrier, afraid they would'nt understand our English dialoge, so we eliminated as much talk as possible & replaced it with pantomime, but to our great surprise they understand everything we said & we had no trouble at all in that respect - this stadium was used as a Concert Hall, Stars like Grace Moore would appear for one or two performances at the most - we played there five nights & by public demand we were brought back for two more shows. Incidently the producers of the show got into some financial difficulty & to make a long story short, they still owe us $10,000. We heard later that they had gone bankrupt, so thats the end of that. The stadium was packed full every show, too bad we did'nt collect after each performance - unfortunately our manager was'nt with us, as he always handled our business affairs. Anyway, 'Come easy Go easy'.!!
    I deeply appreciated your kind words & sincere expressions of friendship & want you to know your sentiments are mutual with Eda & I, we have a great respect for you all & count you among our closest friends, only hope someday you will be able to come to California & we shall have the opportunity to enjoy our friendship.
    The stereophonic equipment sounds very good Rick & you handle it exceptionally well & considering too you are confined to small quarters, I imagine an instrument like this is designed for Halls theatres etc. it has terrific & powerful volume. I certainly hope you will do something professionally with it & make a profit out of your investment - I mean public appearances etc. Am sure Rick, if you got yourself an agent, he could arrange plenty of work for you & its possible you could work your way out West doing concerts & Dance engts. If you would play a few Towns locally & around N.Y. area to start off with it would give you incentive & the great possibilities a tour like this would afford you. You have a lot of talent Rick & should take advantage of it - you are still young in age, healthy, & strong & you should'nt be wasting your time teaching - that you can always do when you retire - 'Make Hay while the Sun Shines.'! Talking of Sun shine, we really had it yesterday, 103 degrees, so hot I had to take off my skin & walk around in my bones.!! what a clatter! but I sure felt loose.!
    Do'nt worry - I'll make a tape for you, even it does sound lousey. Am enclosing you a little story I just heard, am sending it seperate in case you do'nt want the boys to hear it. I got a big kick out of it - think you will too.
    Bye now. Take care of yourselves. Eda joins in kind thoughts to you all, & thanks again for the recording.
    Good luck & God Bless.
                As ever:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.

From the Story Dept.
    A Mexican Professor, whose name was Professor PEON, opened a new University. The students wear insignias on their caps, shirts, sweaters etc.

                'P E O N - U'

It's a good thing Nikita Khrushchev did'nt visit down there.!!

Note from the Editor

Raphael (1886-1942) was a Russian pianist and concertina player. He appeared in vaudeville and motion pictures and gave command performances for Czar Nicholas II of Russia and for British royalty.


Dear Jeannie & Jack [Racey]:
                Thanks yours,16th.inst.
Note you didn't get a letter from me last week - I wrote you recently, as evidently you hadn't rec'd. it at the time of writing this. I think I told you the story of the old Lady of 93 who wanted to divorce her husband of 97.
    Sorry to hear the treatments do'nt seem to help you any Jack, maybe becasue they are being paid by Insurance coverage, you are not receiving the regular care - they do'nt get so much money out of it & causes indifference to the care.
    Guess you'll miss the Garden now that the winter has started. It would be nice if you could go to Florida for a few months, it's clearer and much warmer than California, so sure you would enjoy the change of atmosphere & would do you both good.
    I guess Miami is pretty expensive living in the winter months but I understand there are many other areas even more reasonable.
    Sorry to hear about your sister having been in hospital with Flu - hope by now she's feeling much better - fortunate her cousin Dr. Fixe is there to take care of her.
    What do you think about Khrushchev's visit to the States? I sincerely hope his talks with Eisenhower will bear some fruit, but am afraid it's wishful thinking, he's a pretty tough customer to handle & impossible to deal with, he wants things his way or nothing doing. Well let's hope for the best.
    Note the 'Carolinaa Kid' is back on the job & settled down again.
    Not much more to tell you, so all for now.
    Every good wish from us both here.
                As ever:
Stan Signature                 Stan Laurel.


Dear Mrs Short:
    Thanks your nice letter,13th.inst..
Nice to hear from you again, & to know alls well & happy with you.
    Many thanks for your kind birthday greetings - I was 69 last June.
    Yes, I was born in Ulverston, Lancs. in 1890. but left there at an early age - lived in Bishop Auckland, Durham, a few years then came to North Shields & went to school in Tynemouth.
    My only connection with Jarrow was, that my Dad ran the Theatre Royal there.
    Everything with me is just as usual, so not much to tell you, so you will have to excuse my briefness. Thanks again for your kind thoughts & sentiments - wish you & Mr Short continued good health & happiness.
                Sincerely always:
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.



Mr. Richard Altomont
39,Adams Street,

Dear Mr Altomont:
    I have just been advised by the Steve Allen office regarding your request for my address.
    Hence this letter.
    My best wishes.
Stan Laurel Signature                 Stan Laurel.

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