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My Dear Walterina [Hunter]:-
    Thank you for your nice letter & lovely Xmas card, it was indeed sweet of you & deeply appreciated - Sorry - so long in delay of writing, but I mislaid your letter & didn't have your address - but this morning I came across it among some business letters in my file.
    I have been reading about the terrible weather you have been having, they say the worst in years - must have been shocking - I hope it is over with by now. Olly is feeling much better now & we all have had a good rest after the hard tour traveling every week. We are not as young as we used to be, so it's a bit of a strain on us. Don't think we shall be coming over this year, as we expect to make some more films soon now. It will be a wise change for a while.
    Hope you had a Merry Xmas - Mrs Laurel joins in wishing you all the best for '55. Lots of good health & happiness always - & again many many thanks for all of your kindness.
    Bye Dear - God Bless.
    Kind thoughts from us all.
                Sincerely as Ever -
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My Dear Betty [Healy],
    We are negotiating with Hal Roach Jr to make four one-hour films for TV & with added footage to be released abroad in the theatres. We have a meeting tomorrow at the Studio & it looks like we may close the deal. However will let you know if anything happens.
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STAN LAUREL LETTERHEAD - 1111 Franklin Ave., Santa Monica, CA - TYPEWRITTEN

My Dear Betty [Healy],
                Just recd. yours of the 25th.inst.
Sorry delay in reply to your previous letter, which was due to my waiting to be able to give you some news on the Roach deal. However, nothing has developed as yet, have'nt heard a word further since i last wrote you about it, seems strange, especially as young Hal was so very enthusiastic. Anyway, if nothing comes of it, it wo'nt break my heart by any means.
    You seem to be in the same boat with the Las Vegas deal - do'nt get upset & worry about it Betty, am sure if the Hotel opens, you will be there alright, as Coneras would'nt have invested all that money if there had been no chance of getting a license.
    Your idea of the childrens stories sounds good, why not submit them to N.B.C. or C.B.S. as they are anxious to get ideas for new programs, & the fact that you handled a similar show in N.Y. on radio should make them interested in seeing you. You should take up the matter right away Betty as they are now looking for summer replacements 7 now is a good time to get in touch with them.
    Glad to hear Marcia is doing well, she certainly deserves a lot of credit. please convey my regards to her.
    I just got a "WEBCOR" tape recorder machine, they sure are wonderful, you can make recordings from phonograph records & also anything on TV. speeches, songs, orchestras etc. & so many other things you can do with it, you can record a phonograph record of any song (just the music) & you can sing the lyrics into the microphone & when you play it back on tape, its your voice with a big orchestra in back of you - its terrific. (I do'nt mean MY voice!!!) some friends came over the other night to play cards. I started the recorder without them knowing it, (the full reel runs for one hour, after the game, I played it back for them - it was the funniest thing you ever heard, the different conversations that went on was a panic - wish you could have heard it (all Russians) can you imagine that broken dialect with words mispronounced! they all got a big kick out of it, it was really funny. You too can erase it & use the tape over again for something else, this can be done about a thousand times, is'nt it wonderful.
    Well all for now. Will let you know if anything exciting happens, outside of a bomb attack.
    Hello to Wayne & all the best to you both.
                Kind thoughts always:-
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