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                April 15th.'55.
My Dear Roy [Murray]:-
    Just learned the sad news of your Dear father. I am sorry Roy, please accept my very deep sympathy in your great loss.
    Too bad these things have to happen, but its something we all have to face. However, he left behind a wonderful memory to all that knew him & will never forget - God Bless Him.
    Eda, Babe & Lucille join in my sentiments & trust alls well with you.
    Bye Roy.
                Sincerely always:-
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Lake Laurel and Hardy Plaque

                April 24th.'55.

My Dear Ernie [Murphy]:-
    Sorry delay in reply to yours March 28th. also news papers- letters from real estate Co's. etc. It was certainly nice of you to go to all the trouble, & I appreciate it very much.
    Reason I had'nt written, was waiting to have some news for you but nothing has happened but talk so far re the Roach deal, so thought I would drop you a line anyway.
    I too waiting till I get some copies of the stills to send you - taken with Roach Sr. & Jr. in relation to the dedication of the pool, now called "Lake Laurel & Hardy"! Will send you one as soon as I get them, know you will get a Kick out of it. Saw a few of the old gang, Lilian (phone dept,) Bert Jordan (cutter) Harry Black (Wardrobe) Jim Hollywood & Felix (Electric Dept) etc.etc. but quite a few were missing. Saw Van Kuren & "Bones" Vreeland - Stax Graves took the pictures with his usual expression after each shot "Tha a a t's it"! Bob Davis was there, Ham Bennett (projectionist; Elmer Ragus (sound dept). & probably some I did'nt recognise due to having aged so much. We were given a great welcome, & all hoping anxiously that we were to return to the lot. Well, thats all for that day.
    Have been looking through some of the literature you sent there sure is some very attractive spots & interesting to me, I think I would like to take a trip for a couple of weeks & look around for a place at a reasonable price - they do'nt give you much information on the "How much" dept. I got a big kick re the Hobe Sound routine of living there for a year on probation - can you imagine! it would be a swell place to open a Bingo Parlor in a Whore House!.
    I kind of like the looks of Deerfield Beach, have you been there? is it out of the hurricane section? how far from Miami? It seems to be a little new community.
    Think thats about all for now Ernie. Eda joins in all the best & thanks for all your trouble. Got a laugh out of your Anniversary card - you got the date wrong, its May 6th. (9 years now) does'nt time fly. Thanks a lot anyway for your kind thought.
    Bye Ernie, take care of yourself.
                As ever:-
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